Songworks Choir

SongWorks is currently on Zoom but we are hoping to start in-person singing from September, subject to guidelines.

Thursdays, 7.30-9 pm

9-week term

Open to all, no audition and no need to read music. Even if you think you can’t sing in tune or you’ve been told you can’t, this is the perfect setting to learn new skills, learn new songs, learn harmonies, enjoy the community of others who want to sing with you.

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SEPTEMBER 16, 23, 30

OCTOBER 07, 14, 21

NOVEMBER 04, 11, 18

£67.50 for the term

Does this sound familiar..?
"I was told I couldn't sing by my teacher/family" - "I haven't sung since I was at school, not sure I can!" - "I've always wanted to sing, but don't think I'm good enough"

Singing for the pure joy of Singing.  No matter what your experience - good, bad or none at all, SongWorks will ease you into singing. Whether you only sing in the bath or are a regular choir member, there is always room to develop and fine-tune your singing skills.

This course is for everyone. No experience needed, no performance at the end.

- reveal your unique, powerful, natural singing voice

- explore the world of harmony singing

- improve your breathing, posture and mental alertness

- learn fantastic songs

- open to all ages, all levels of experience, all backgrounds

- no solo singing, no music theory, no technical jargon!

- all songs taught by ear, no need to read music

In September 2011, I started up SongWorks for people who just want to sing simple, enjoyable, heart-warming songs in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Not everyone wants to work towards a performance. This can be for all sorts of reasons, some don't have time to learn the words and music off by heart. Some feel nervous about singing in front of an audience, and some may feel that their singing voice just isn't 'good enough'.

The songs are drawn from the world of folk, gospel, pop, and from all around the world.  There is no 'homework', just turn up each week and sing! Basic but essential vocal technique is incorporated so that you will gain confidence in your singing voice, and learn to use it in an effortless and efficient way.

For more information email Hazel or telephone, 07855 344356

Ashtead Baptist Church

192 Barnett Wood Lane
Ashtead, Surrey. KT21 2LW
Access is via the Bluey-green door on the right-hand side of the church

Everyone can sing.   Everyone needs to.  It’s a matter of life and breath.