Decibelles Sing…

The Decibelles Sing for the first time... Great Bookham's WI - May, 2017.






The Bookham Belles, Great Bookham's WI have not only got a natty new name for their choir but have now performed for the first time! 'The Decibelles' sang to the rest of the Bookham Belles  at their monthly meeting. They sang Blackbird in 3-part harmony and featured Sophie Lund, also a Decibelle on flute. This was followed by Three Spirituals, each piece beautiful in it's own right, but when sung together weaves a beautiful tapestry of sound, light and shade, uplifting and meditative.

Hazel said, "They may have been nervous, but you would never have known. They created a wonderful sound, and looked as though they enjoyed it too! Leading a choir of just female singers is very exciting. They have a sweet, innocent, pure sound but with substance and emotion. It's very exciting to hear."