"My aim is to reveal the individual’s unique, powerful and natural singing voice but to do so in an informal and fun atmosphere. I believe anyone who wants to sing, can.”

Singing, it seems, is a gift.  We discovered melody even before we learned to speak. The first sounds we made using "dadada" and "rrr" enabled us to create our own communicative environment. Father or mother may have joined in later and rocked us to sleep while singing or humming a melody.  This gift remains with us throughout our lives, we sing in grief and in joy, when we are alone or in the company of others.  People with severe dementia are frequently unable to recognise their own family, but they remember songs from their childhood, humming the melodies or even singing entire verses faultlessly. Our memories and emotions are linked to these songs.

Singing brings people together.

Singing in a group releases endorphins which studies show counteract the harmful stress hormone cortisol, allowing our immune systems to keep us healthy in body and in mind. When we sing together, we breathe together and there is strong evidence to suggest that not only does singing lower heart rates, our hearts even beat in time with each other..! Now there's a thought.

I run choirs in the community, the workplace and hold singing workshops.

What people say...

 "I wasn't sure how much 'sing along' you would get but it was amazing. You are always coming up with new ideas - it's very exciting, challenging and fun being part of Soundbytes!"

"What a wonderful concert! My husband and I were swept away with the standard of singing.  The Hallelujah Chorus was amazing and Soundbytes under your guidance can be extremely proud of this performance.   Well done Hazel.  Please pass on our congratulations to all for creating a WOW factor."

I was not sure if I could sing as I haven’t sung in a choir since school, but  I have loved learning our songs and we have had such a good laugh together with Hazel”

Have you been thinking about joining a choir..?
2 different types of choirs to suit 2 different types of singer!

Are you interested in having a choir at your place of work?

Would you like to form a choir within your community or leisure group?

Would you like to attend a Singing Workshop?

Would you like your choir to have a singing workshop?

Contact Hazel to find out more details.

Everyone can sing. Everyone needs to.

It’s a matter of Life and Breath.